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Darma Agung Medan University

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His full name is IRWANTA RAMADAN SH and is fondly called Iwan. Iwan, who was born in Sibolangit on February 5, 1970, is a lawyer who is an expert in the civil field. Iwan graduated and earned a bachelor’s degree from Darma Agung University Medan in 1993. After graduating from the Faculty of Law, Darma Agung University, Iwan had the opportunity to work in a Property Company in Jakarta (1994-1997). After that Iwan focused on working in the field of law from 1997 until now. Previously, Iwan worked at Aldian Pinem Law Office (1997-2005), Medan Paradigma Law Office (2005-2010), Garuda Medan Law Office (2010-2015), and joined the Retorika Law Firm until now. Knowledge and experience for approximately 23 years can help you to solve your legal problems through litigation or non-litigation.