Practice Areas

Our Practice areas include the full range of criminal law, civil law, constitutional law, business law, family law, and litigation services. We offer the depth to represent a broad spectrum of national and regional clients in a variety of legal areas, including:


Criminal Law

Our greatest practice area is Criminal law in which we possess unmatched experience. We tend to represent our clients in Indonesia against different charges. These charges may include false imprisonment, domestic violence, DUI, battery, spousal battery, theft, burglary, larceny, shoplifting, drug crimes, fraud, violent crimes, embezzlement, robbery, possession for sales, and sex crimes etc.


Civil Law

Civil law is the central aspect of our legal services since the inception of Retorika Law Firm. We offer advice and assistance in the general civil law matters. In addition, our services extend to all the legal questions related to contract negotiations and the non-contentious and contentious pursuit of the civil law claims before arbitration tribunals and courts.


Constitutional Law

We have significant experience in handling cases related to constitutional and government affairs in Indonesia. We have a great history of raising strong challenges to the constitutional grounds and governmental actions. We litigated issues such as federal and state relations, separation of powers, equal protection, and due process etc.


Corporate/Business Services

At Retorika Law Firm, we identify the complexities of the business and realize the support that a business requires for growth. We have supported our commercial clients throughout Indonesia for a significant number of years. We assist our clients and provide them with practical considerations for better running their business operations on day-to-day basis.


Bankruptcy and Reorganization

Retorika Law Firm is a renowned law organization in Reorganization and Bankruptcy services in Indonesia. We offer representation required in defending and prosecuting the rights of the creditor in bankruptcy litigation. Our expert bankruptcy litigation lawyers assess the transactions, establish a strategic plan, and secure interests of our clients to the greatest extent of the law.


Intellectual Property (Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Design, and Copyrights)

At Retorika Law Firm, our intellectual property litigation attorneys are experienced in protecting and enforcing the companies and individuals’ intellectual property rights. We provide assistance in securing your intellectual property rights including copyrights, trademarks, industrial design, and patents etc. We have represented individuals, companies, and partnerships in Indonesia.


General Litigation

The attorneys of Retorika Law Firm have wide experience in different litigations. Our greatest strength is that we quickly understand and learn the facts relevant to the cases. We gain an understanding of the industry or business and the sequence of the events that resulted in the dispute.


Labor and Employment Law

Our employment and labor litigation attorneys have successfully represented employees and employers from Indonesia in numerous employment law disputes both in federal and state courts. We have represented cases centered on discrimination, employment contracts, stock options, non-compete agreements, and wrongful termination etc. We strive to fulfill the objectives of our clients in every regard.


Real Estate

The attorneys at Retorika Law Firm have significant expertise at handling real estate transactions. We help our clients in engaging in the selling and buying real estate agreements. We acknowledge them their contractual obligations in order to prevent them from any legal issues in the future. Our lawyers have handled different breach of contract claims arising from real estate transactions.


Family Law

In marital relationships, quarrels or disagreements often occur which result in divorce. The following are things that cover the legal aspects of marriage

We specifically assist our clients in their pre martial agreements. We ensure to follow all the laws and guidelines relevant to pre martial agreement. We make sure that pre martial agreement must be in writing and signed by affianced people prior to their marriage. We make sure that both parties disclose their assets and debts prior to signing.

Retorika Law Firm family law attorneys are expert in the divorce matters and laws. We stay updated with all the amendments to the family laws in Indonesia. We help our clients in resolving their disputes.

Also, we strive to fulfill the goals of our clients. We support our clients’ and their families.

We tend to understand our clients’ emotional situation after divorce. We support our client’s long term and help them live a peaceful life. We understand that after divorce, some significant changes occur.We help our clients in modifying their child custody arrangements and divorce decree.

Kami akan memberikan pandangan yang proporsional terkait harta gono-gini termasuk perhitungan yang matang untuk kemudian hak-haknya kami perjuangkan.

Child Custody is a complicated legal matter in Indonesia. Many people tend to struggle in achieving success in this regard.

At Retorika Law Firm, we attempt to achieve higher success rate in child custody matters. Our attorneys have greater convincing powers. We have a great track record in the child custody cases.

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